CIAO! Network & Enterprise Engineering Consortium

Friday, 01 March 2013 21:24

The mission of the Enterprise Engineering Institute is the dissemination of the DEMO methodology, and the sharing of knowledge and experiences about the use of DEMO.

On this website you will get information about the DEMO methology as well as its practical applications.

Next to the Enterprise Engineering Institute a network of universities and researchers is actively developing Enterprise Engineering. This network is called CIAO! The mission of CIAO! is to develop the discipline of Enterprise Engineering through new, appropriate theories, models, methods and other artifacts for the analysis, design, implementation, and governance of enterprises by combining (relevant parts of) management and organization science, information systems science, and computer science. The ambition is to address (all) traditional topics in said disciplines from the Enterprise Engineering Paradigm. The result of our efforts should be theoretically rigorous and practically relevant. More information is available on

This year a new initiative has been started called the Enterprise Engineering Consortium (EEc). The goal of the EEc is to introduce Enterprise Engineering to industry and government in a simple and practical manner. More information is available (in Dutch) on