The Enterprise Engineering Institute is sponsored by the organizations below.



Formetis optimizes the operation and production of customer-oriented financial services such as policies, claims, mortgages and investment products. Formetis applies a well-balanced suite of DEMO as modeling methodology and a RAD software suite to construct custom made enterprise information systems, optionally operating on IBM Content Manager®.

Website: http://www.formetis.nl

logo_sapio Website: http://www.sapio.nl/


Venture Informatisering Adviesgroep nv, or VIAgroep nv, was established in 1997 by Theo, Arno and Hans Mulder. Various businesses are linked to the group.


Website: http://www.viagroep.nl


Xprise Business Solutions supplies

  1. Xemod, a tool for the modeling of organizations and business processes. The modeling tool supports the DEMO-methodology (Design & Engineering Methodology for Organizations).
  2. CC Assistant, software with which organizations manage the communication in business processes.  

Website: http://www.xprise.com