The goal of the foundation is to advance the professional use and the further development of the DEMO methodology as an open standard for the methodological design and engineering of organizations. The foundation aims to achieve this goal by:


  1. offering information about DEMO;
  2. the management of DEMO as an open standard;
  3. stimulate the provisioning of courses in the application of DEMO;
  4. offering a platform for professionals and organizations that (wish to) make use of DEMO.


The purpose of this DEMO platform is to bring together people who wish to share their knowledge with others. To do so, among other things, periodical meetings with presentations, case studies and workshops are organized. Correspondence about the DEMO-platform can be conducted through This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Next to the platform the foundation maintains a list of certified members:

  1. List of Certified DEMO Professionals, see here.
  2. List of Certified DEMO Masters, see here.


The conditions for the admission of DEMO Professionals are described in this regulation.