The foundation focuses on two matters:

  1. The advancement of the development of DEMO
  2. The advancement of the utilization of DEMO

The development of DEMO is advanced by:

  1. Registration and description of the DEMO methodology
  2. Registration of the standard DEMO
  3. Maintenance and management of the DEMO methodology (version management)
  4. Promotion of the DEMO methodology
  5. Stimulating the provision of courses in DEMO
  6. Publication of the DEMO standard
  7. Maintenance of the brand registration
  8. Stimulating the provision of supporting applications and publications

The utilization of DEMO is advanced by:

  1. The organization of platform activities for professionals
    1. Stimulating the collaboration in assignments
    2. The exchange of knowledge between practitioners and developers
  1. Stimulating a network of DEMO professionals
    1. Advising each other
    2. Coaching each other