Regulation for Registering as a Certified DEMO Professional

  1. Every holder of a DEMO Professional Diploma* can enter themselves into the membership Register of Certified DEMO Professionals by submitting an application to the management of the Enterprise Engineering Institute. For the first two years, calculated from 01-01-08 onwards, registration is free of charge. After two years a new regulation applies. This entails that you must be able to prove that you have been actively involved with DEMO (in conformity with the regulation). If you fulfill the conditions and wish to lengthen the registration then you must pay a one-time fee of 150 euros (excl. VAT). If you do not do so, you will be removed from the membership register.
  2. The membership register is open to the public and can be accessed through the DEMO website ( Here the names, titles and possibly the contact details of every Certified DEMO Professional can be found. Only details for which those registered have given publication permission will be posted.
  3. Two years after registering certified DEMO professionals must provide the management of the Enterprise Engineering Institute with a statement which proves that they have actively used DEMO in the past two years. Based on this the management makes the decision whether or not the person in question remains in the membership register. Examples of active use of DEMO are:
    1. the application of DEMO in a project;
    2. the (co-) writing of an article about DEMO in an occupational magazine or book;
    3. delivering a lecture about DEMO at an occupational meeting, workshop or conference.
  4. The procedure described in article 3 must be carried out every two years. Those who have not supplied the statement described in article 3 within 2 years will receive one year to do so. If this time-limit is exceeded the member will be removed from the register.
  5. There is an Appeal Commission to which people can make an appeal to their removal from the Register of Certified DEMO Professionals. The advice given by the Appeal Commission is binding. Members of the Appeal Commission cannot be members of the management of the Enterprise Engineering Institute.
  6. A registered member can remove themselves from the Register of DEMO Professionals by sending a request to the management of Enterprise Engineering Institute ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).
  7. Those who, after being removed from the register, would like to re-register, must submit a statement as described in article 3. This must then be followed by the procedure described in article 1.
  8. The management of DEMO Professional can change this regulation at any point in time. In this case those currently registered will be notified accordingly.


*A DEMO Professional diploma is a diploma granted by the DEMO Knowledge Centre or the Enterprise Engineering Institute in 2007 or later.